Twenty-one year old Ali Mohammed al-Nimr has been sentenced to die in Saudi Arabia. He will not be beheaded however. While that is the favored practice of the Saudi “justice” system, they have other plans for Ali. Plans that involve a cross, some nails, and likely the public standing around Alah-Akbarring.

Yes, Ali Mohammed al-Nimr will be a teaching tool for the Saudi Arabians. He will be crucified; a past-time and hobby of the Islamic culture. You know the one.

Ali was 17 years old when convicted of alleged, not proven, pro-democracy activism. His conviction came about after he had been beaten and tortured into a confession for crimes he had nothing to do with.

That’s right folks. The benevolent Middle Eastern ally of the United States arrested, beat, and tortured a child into a confession that is not true, and sentenced him to death by crucifixion.

The UN Human Rights Council is where you ask? Oh, they are taking action and investigating, for sure. By putting a UN representative from SAUDI ARABIA in charge of an investigation into the violations of Ali by, who again? That would be, SAUDI ARABIA!

The UN is taking a page from the Obama's playbook, or vice-versa, and is allowing a tyrannical Islamic regime, known for crimes against humanity, to investigate itself.

Everyone pray for Ali and all the others, of all ages, genders, races, and faiths, who are tortured, raped, beheaded, crucified, and killed in general, by these brutal Cretans while the powers that be in our world sit by, as voyeurs, and do nothing.

Source: mrcTV


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