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Perhaps the celebrity race baiters and political pimps have finally gone a bit to far, perhaps the Al Sharptons, the Sammuel Jackson’s, the Kanye West’s, the Bill De Blasio’s, the Barack Obama’s, the Jay Z’s, and Beyonce’s have finally succeeded in achieving what many Americans have believed all along, that these characters do not represent America’s values, but rather a perverse and distorted view of society.

An anonymous group has scheduled a protest outside of the National Football League headquarters on Feb. 16, according to an invitation on

The protest is in response to Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance, in which she paid tribute to a rag-tag army of protesters who call themselves the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The movement which was born out of an incident, in which a police officer in self-defense killed a violent street thug, which of course prompted the race baiters to create a false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” which became the rallying cry for the movement, and in which celebrities like Beyoncé now perpetuate the deception.

Come and let’s stand together. Let’s tell the NFL we don’t want hate speech & racism at the Super Bowl ever again!


The provocative show paid homage to Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and included Beyoncé and her dancers giving the “black power” salute while wearing mock ammunition.

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