As the election draws nearer and nearer we keep hearing about more and more instances of voter fraud all across the nation. Project Veritas has posted multiple videos of the Clinton campaign and their allies actively working to commit voter fraud. The left and the mainstream media continue to deny that this is taking place at all but as more and more evidence keeps coming to light it is becoming impossible for to cover it up. Now, Donald Trump supporters just found one piece of evidence that proves beyond a doubt that voter fraud is indeed taking place.

Recently, the Gateway Pundit received an email from an anonymous source, who says she is "a single, Republican mother of two younger kids in small town Illinois." She explained a concerning series of events that took place with mail ballots and made sure to reach out to news outlets right away to make sure that the country knows what's really taking place.

"Within my friends, I keep seeing and hearing of all these examples of voter fraud going on right now with Trump supporters," she explained. "Three well-respected people within the same household in my town who mailed in their ballots in favor of Trump went online to make sure their votes were counted – only to find they were not going to be counted because the signatures on the ballot didn’t match those on their letter."


The online message does provide voters with the instructions on how to fix the signature problem, but as she pointed out people are never going to be able to know this unless go online and double check, which is something many mail voters will likely not not know to do.

There are hundreds of small towns spread all across the country where this problem is likely taking place involving an overwhelming number of votes. We need to make sure that the country is aware of this very real issue, or we may have to watch Hillary take the presidency because so many Republican voters' voices will not be heard.

Please share and let voters know before it's too late and Hillary takes the presidency.

Source: Mad World News



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