President Obama rarely passes on an opportunity to take Americans to task, blaming them for everything from the weather to worldwide jihad, but one of his favorite targets is usually trotted out after a highly publicized act of violence, such as the recent shooting in a Charleston, South Carolina church.

The president, however, is mistaken when he claims, as he did recently that “…other advanced nations don’t have mass violence.”

As is often the case, the president would benefit from even the most basic online search. He would learn that, contrary to his assertion, Americans do not have a monopoly on senseless violence. Then again, admitting this would deprive him of the chance to label Americans as bitter racists “clinging to their guns,” and harboring racial animus that is “part of their DNA.”

The president would learn that the worst mass murder in modern history occurred in the tourist paradise of Tasmania, Australia when a possibly mentally deficient 28-year-old man went on a daylong shooting spree at multiple locations. Martin Bryant killed 35, including 3-year-old and 6-year-old siblings, wounding 23 as he moved through a café and gift shop, onto the grounds of a historic site and down a public toll road mercilessly shooting his victims, among them the toll booth operator and the drivers and passengers in line, with cold precision.

Although no motive was ever revealed, authorities said that Bryant was pleased to have surpassed the number of victims killed in a mass shooting in Dunblane, Scotland just weeks before.

The Dunblane massacre occurred in March 1996 when a disgraced former boys’ club leader entered the primary school near Stirling, Scotland killing a teacher and 16 students in gym class, injuring another 16 before committing suicide. Tennis player, Andy Murray, who had attended one of the clubs, was one of the children escaped unharmed by hiding in a classroom.

The massacre occurred despite tough gun laws enacted following a mass murder in Hungerford, England when an unemployed handyman murdered 16 people, including his mother and a policeman using legally licensed firearms.

At Least 80 Died in 2011 Norway Shooting Spree.

At Least 80 Died in the 2011 Norway Shooting Spree.

The slaughter of 16 and injuring of 11 in the Timika Airport in Indonesia occurred during the same six-week period as the Tasmania and Dunblane massacres.

Finland, Germany and even Canada have suffered school shootings. Norway was the scene of a horrific attack on government buildings in Oslo and at a summer camp in 2011 that resulted in the death of 77 and wounding of 275 more.

Even Switzerland, known for maintaining its neutrality in conflicts, has not been immune from mass shootings, suffering the loss of 14 and wounding of another 18 in the city of Zug in 2001.

The president apparently has already forgotten the killings at the Paris headquarters of the satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, in January of this year when Islamic terrorists killed 12 of the staff and wounded 11 more, while at the same time their close friend killed five Jewish customers at a delicatessen in a synchronized attack.

Recently, we saw 38 vacationers mowed down on a Tunisian beach by members of the Islamic terror group, ISIS. Another 36 were wounded.

Even Politifact, who the left love to cite, calls it false.

The tragic list is too long, but the president and others who share his narrow and warped view of the American people refuse to open their minds to the fact that violence is a human act, not a uniquely American one.

Instead of exploiting these tragedies for political purposes, President Obama might look for common denominators among the perpetrators of such acts worldwide.


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