With the breaking news of UCLA's college shooting, expect to see liberals and gun-haters making their way onto the airwaves, shouting for more gun control and stricter measures to restrict who can own a gun. But hidden behind all the rhetoric and shouting are numbers that tell the truth about the effectiveness of gun control.

The biggest example of the failure of gun control to curb violence is the city of Chicago. Chicago has one of the nation's highest rates of gun-related homicides and over the Memorial Day weekend this year it was extraordinarily high when 40 people were shot in gun-related crimes. Of those 40 shootings during the weekend, four were fatalities.

For liberals and gun control activists, that number should fly in the face of reason. Chicago not only bans "assault-type" weapons, but levies an additional tax on all guns sold in the city. Chicago's government has also limited the number of places to buy guns – in short, everything that they could possibly do to limit access.

But last year 500 people were shot and killed in the city of Chicago, and police only had enough manpower to investigate 55 of those deaths. According to police statistics, 2016 shootings and murders have increased by over 70 percent in the first five months of the year.

Do we need to make it even clearer for you?

Chicago, a city with the strictest gun laws and bans in the country, isn't doing anything to curb violent deaths by guns, even with all of its limits. That means that they're not working.

When you implement the strict measures that Chicago has, the good guys don't have any way to purchase protection for themselves, and the bad guys get to kill at will.

It's time to tell the liberals that all their gun control laws and experiments have failed. They're not working. People and families are still dying and perhaps, if gun measures weren't so strict, those numbers would be lower.

h/t: Breitbart

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