If you didn't hear about the string of violent New Year's Eve attacks in Germany's fourth-largest city of Cologne, don't feel left out. Liberal media outlets have silenced the story because the suspects in the case fit so neatly into another media narrative.

On New Year's Eve, a string of extremely horrific and violent rapes and sexual assaults spread across the city of Cologne, Germany. Police have identified 31 possible suspects involved in the string of attacks but the insane thing is the fact that over half of the suspects are asylum seekers.

18 of the 31 are from the countries of Algeria, Morocco, Iran, and Syria. That's a disproportionate number compared to other nationalities represented in the police's arrests.

But the incidents in Cologne were not the only rape and sexual assault cases that are being tied to Germany's willingness to open its borders to refugees.

In Hamburg, over 50 sexual assault cases were reported during the New Year holidays. In Helsinki, Finland, police are seeking suspects involved in harassment cases from a pool of asylum seekers.

It's clear that the rapid influx of migrants into Western Europe has severely unbalanced the police's ability to keep the peace. While it's impossible to generalize and say that all asylum seekers are, by virtue of these attacks, rapists and sexual deviants, it is clear that there are more of these cases being reported and being tied back to the groups of asylum seekers.

This only makes the United States' upcoming decisions regarding refugees and migrants that much more critical. If we get it right, we can do a great job of providing care and help to refugees who are able and willing to pass stringent and comprehensive background checks.

But if we do it wrong, as it appears Germany has done with its open-border policy, we can expect similar results to pepper the news in America.

h/t: Chicks on the Right

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