Every time a prominent Muslim cleric opens his mouth, I’m reminded once again of the 1960 classic film “The Time Machine” which was based on the 1895 Novella by H.G. Wells, in which a machine is built that can transport someone back in time.

And that’s perhaps where this so-called prominent Muslim cleric should be, somewhere in the 7th century spewing this nonsense of overt sexual discrimination, that the progressive media continually seems to ignore

Muslim Cleric Kanthapuram A. P. Aboobacker Musalyar and his beliefs about women, and how they should be treated has been well documented.

Musalyar is a prominent Sunni cleric and scholar from India who explained that women’s sole purpose in life is to produce children.

He is quoted as saying; “Gender equality is not practical; women can only give birth, while the world is under the control of men.”

The Democrats seem to have missed this man who claims that gender equality is not practical as they attack Republicans for their supposed “War on Woman.” They also must not have noticed it when Musalyar said, at a conference in for the Muslim Students Federation.

“It [gender equality] is not going to happen. Women can only deliver babies. This world is controlled by men. Women can’t withstand a major crisis and they even lack courage to perform major surgeries including open heart procedures.”

Musalyar also claimed that colleges that allow males and females to study together was an assault on the religion of Islam.

“The obstinacy that boys and girls should study sitting on the same bench is an indirect attack aimed at destroying Islam and its culture.”

Now if we could only build a time machine and pack this guy back to where he truly belongs somewhere in a village deep in the Middle East around the 7th century, that would indeed solve a few problems.



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