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A program sponsored by New York governor Andrew Cuomo is hoping to draw high-tech jobs to New York, which sounds like a great plan. Unfortunately the ridiculous amount of money being spent on the program hasn’t achieved results worth mentioning.

The program, Start-Up NY, wants to give companies tax breaks for bringing jobs to the state. So far Start-Up NY has cost New York taxpayers $28 million and generated seventy-six jobs. That’s it.

Overall the program says that it will create 2,100 jobs but that’s quite literally a drop in the bucket for the state of New York’s employment numbers. Statewide there are over 7.75 million jobs already. It makes no sense whatsoever to spend millions on a program that has proved it can’t create jobs.

Maybe Cuomo feels, however, that spending money on a program is the only solution to his goal of raising the number of jobs in the state. Perhaps he’s convinced that the role of government is only to add programs to help people, never to take away obstacles that stand in others’ way.

If so, Cuomo is in the wrong state. New York ranks as the worst state for taxes, one of the worst states for small businesses, and is in the bottom fifth of states that have the worst occupational licensing rules.

That’s a lot of areas for cutbacks and improvements.

It’s sad that today’s leaders in government feel the need to tweak and change things by implementing programs that cost millions and have no effect. If leaders really wanted to instigate change, they could have a much greater effect lifting the burdens placed upon regular people who wish to own businesses or become registered for a trade.

If leaders continue to add and add to the government and never cut away programs that are dragging the whole down, who knows when we’ll see an end to abuse of government power. It’s time to hold our leaders accountable for what they’re doing with our money.

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