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Nations are usually defined my those unscripted events that helps shape that nations history, and perhaps it’s destiny, “Taxation without representation” immediately brings us to that  pivotal moment within our own history, and the birth of a nation.

Within those few words captures the essence of that monumental historical event, and hoping those events are accurately chronicled so that other generations can learn of America’s heritage, without bias.

However that lofty principle no longer seems to apply to those individuals that we’ve entrusted to teach within our classrooms, and we now have political activists with an agenda disguised as professors writing their own brand of history for public consumption, and passing it off as historical fact to young impressionable and fertile minds.

Duchess Harris is an American Studies professor and also a coauthor of “Black Lives Matter (Special Report), along with Sue Bradford Edwards, who bills herself as a writer, blogger, and “explorer extraordinaire,” and has previously authored children’s historical nonfiction books.

In a review by the Feminist Wire the following; “The book introduces “non black children” to “anti blackness,” “anti black violence” and “terror” “in U.S. law and society.”

Professor Harris teaches at the upscale Macalester College, a private liberal arts college in a wealthy, tranquil section of St. Paul, Minn., with a student population that is 86% white, and with a target audience from 6th grade to high school, with a tuition fee including room and board a staggering $59, 761 per year, almost the entire annual household income of the average Minnesota Family.

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Duchess Harris and Sue Bradford Edwards

It seems obvious by almost any standard that anyone wishes to apply, that America’s universities and now middle schools, are nothing more than a secular progressive propaganda mill, churning out student after student who have been indoctrinated with misleading and factually incorrect historical facts with the sole purpose of propagating a secular progressive ideology void of facts and dangerously misleading by either rewriting history and or creating a false narrative,, such as “hands up don’t shoot” and now “black lives matter.”

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