When we think of domestic terrorist groups, we usually think of groups like the KKK, neo-Nazi, perhaps Black Lives Matter, and certainly ANTIFA. However we seldom think of organizations like the United Federation of Teachers in New York City, or perhaps the American Federation of Teachers in Chicago, and yet within the last decade these and other institutions of higher learning has produced perhaps more radical and extreme individuals with far greater influence, all across America, than any of those hate groups combined.

Moreover, within the span of just a few weeks, we’ve witnessed teachers and professors purposely misleading, humiliating, indoctrinating, intimidating and in some extreme cases promoting violent confrontations against students that may have a different political point of view.

To that end, we once again report on controversial Drexel University professor, George Ciccariello, a radical domestic terrorist with a degree, who is now advocating to his far left supporters slashing the tires on ICE agent vans following President Trump’s DACA announcement on Tuesday.

Ciccariello for those not familiar with this unhinged misinformed leftist loon who made headlines last year when he tweeted the one thing he wanted for Christmas was “white genocide.”

However like most within the wacky world of academia, it’s seldom about putting yourself physically on the front lines, (that would take an act of misdirected bravery), and more about the self-aggrandized drama created by characters like Ciccariello who publicly tweet from the comfort of their classroom on social media that he “tries not to puke” when someone gives their seat up on a plane to a US soldier…which gets this loon a 5-minute spot on the Tucker Carlson Show.

Ciccariello who teaches Global studies has publicly tweeted out slashing tires on federal vans, which is a felony. However, the leftist coward isn’t suggesting that he himself would be slashing tires…which once again demonstrates how these radical educators dupe the blissfully ignorant.

Do you think radical leftist educators who tweet violence on social media should be held equally accountable as their blissfully ignorant students?

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