Once again the wider issue isn’t the “Ponzi scam” regarding the claims made by Linda Sarsour, the Palestinian activist and self-described “progressive feminist” but rather how women residing in perhaps the freest nation on earth concerning equal rights for woman, can be so easily conned.

Sarsour who is an outspoken proponent of the brutal doctrine "Sharia Law", has been attempting for years to indoctrinate American woman under the guise of “feminism” which by any definition stands in stark contradiction to the concept of “Sharia Law,” where woman within the Muslim world are considered second-class citizens, were arranged marriages among young female children are a daily occurrence, and where “honor killings” are condoned.

And yet there was Sarsour one of the co-organizers of the Women’s March On Washington in January, selling her unique brand of “Feminism” to the mindless throng of woman adorning themselves with “pink pussy caps” and actually accepting the Ponzi scam of “Shariah”…this time as you’re friendly neighborhood financial advisor, by saving woman money with “interest free loans.”

The con involves the Shariah Finance industry and their dubious claims that they provide “interest-free loans” and “interest-free” credit cards to women, which is absolutely misleading, in that the term “interest-free” by U.S. financial standards is a “compliance violation.”

The scam is in the actual wording of the loan product which implies that Shariah-compliant loans and credit cards “do not charge interest.”

However that doesn’t mean the loan money is actually “free” to the borrower, in actuality Shariah-compliant loans do involve charges and fees, which come on the “back-end” of the loan, and usually the borrower pays a higher percentage then a conventional loan, where those fees are acknowledged on the “front-end, before you ink your name to a loan application.

Moreover Sarsour’s scam isn’t about actually ripping people off, it’s about creating an opening for Sharia Law within the United States, and about her convoluted logic regarding feminism when asked in an interview recently, “about the rights of all women” and if there was “room for people who support the state of Israel.”

Her response; “There can’t be in feminism!”

Which begs the question, “then how can you support the concept of Sharia Law?”

Do you think this self-proclaimed "feminist" is nothing more than a Sharia-promoting scammer?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: The Hayride

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