Louis Gutierrez (D-Illinois) made some alarming statements on the MSNBC show called "What Happens Next" that at any other time, with an actual functioning Department of Justice, would have the Congressman behind bars for treason.

He starts off with a resounding white lie, saying the court decision by a Federal Judge that stopped executive amnesty was issued at 1:00am. A simple fact check reveals that the decision was actually released at 9:00pm on President's Day. The lie itself is no huge surprise. Everyone knows that every time a Democrat lies, some demon in Hell gets its giant evil wings.

Another alarming aspect of Louis Gutierrez's rant was he actually stated that the militancy among the immigrant community would activate, especially among voter registration, voter participation and voter anger. Whoa there, hang on a minute. Anybody familiar with American Civics already should know that illegal immigrants aren't allowed to legally vote anywhere in the United States. Some states are trying to make illegal immigrants legal to vote in certain political races in a limited fashion, but that is still an on-going battle.

Worse, having an army of illegal voters 'rise up' to vote in such a manner for one party to get their way is also an act of sedition. Which is also illegal.

This is like an episode of America's Dumbest Crooks. They break the law and expect to get away with it, in the most stupid manner one can imagine. Like the pair of thieves who posted their pictures on Facebook with the stolen money in order to brag, they admitted to the crime in a public venue and got caught, arrested, booked and jailed.

Louis Gutierrez just admitted to sedition and treason in a public venue, and it is highly concerning that we haven't heard about his arrest yet. Even using the term 'militancy' which is synonymous with aggression, violence and combativeness, is a term that should send a joint team of FBI and NSA straight to this guy's house to serve and process an arrest warrant. Any Federal Judge in the land who hears this garbage will have no problem with serving that arrest warrant! It's a confession level speech that reveals a handful of highly obvious crimes.

Here is the confession in 51 critical seconds.

Yet nothing happens.

If you or I or anyone else we may personally know went on national television and confessed to voter fraud and hostile actions against the citizens of the United States, we would be swarmed with SWAT teams and a no-knock warrant. Why is this guy so special? Why does he get a pass to commit treason and sedition? Is it because he's a Liberal Democrat who knows for a fact that the Department of In-Justice will look the other way?

The fact that this traitorĀ isn't behind barsĀ is a loud resounding 'Yes'.


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