On November 9th, 2016 America experienced a seismic and historic political revolution that realigned and restored America back to the principles of its founding, without violence, and without the threat of forcibly overthrowing the government; it was an orderly transition of power, prescribed within our Founding Documents, and although this was the most contentious election within our lifetime, the American people cast their ballots rather than “bullets” and voted in a new leader, following the precepts within the election process.

Moreover as expected within any hard-fought political battle, one side loses and one side wins, and usually those two factions for the greater good of the country come together in a bipartisan spirit of cooperation.

However if you believe that the “ends always justify the means” then an orderly transition of power as prescribed within our Founding Documents, doesn’t mean much to progressives, as witnessed within their attempt to “STEAL THIS ELECTION” with once again false allegations, innuendo, betrayal, and deceit…which marked the Clinton Campaign.

This latest round of willful malfeasance, as expected comes from a group of lawyers and academics targeting the 3-swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, who claim (without proof), that those states “may have” been manipulated or hacked.

This band of potential thieves includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society.

At issue is the difference in vote counts between electronic-voting machines optical scanners and paper ballots, which these characters suggest may be the difference of 7% in Clinton’s favor, which is all based on statistical analysis, which presumes that in the state of Wisconsin, Clinton may have been denied over 30,000 votes, which she lost that state by 27,000 votes.

However once again this is all conjecture, speculation, guesswork, and presumption from a group of pompous, overbearing and self-important loons who are attempting to de-legitimize the election and marginalize President-elect Donald Trump, by implying that there’s a something suspicious without a shred of evidence, proof or any actual fact to back up their claim of any hacking or manipulation of any kind.

I began this article by highlighting the seismic and historic political revolution that took place on November 9th 2016, however be forewarned if the unthinkable should occur and this election becomes at issue…there may very well be another type of revolution.

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Source: NY Mag

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