Students staged a Black Lives Matter sit-in, which teacher Tamra Jenkins participated in on Spt.23rd.

First let me preface this story by acknowledging that everyone has a constitutional right to peacefully protest and to also exercise their First Amendment right of assembly, that’s our right as Americans, and that’s the founding principles of our Republic.

However when rumor, speculation, and innuendo are viewed as fact, that’s when our right to protest becomes muddled in controversy, and what begins as a peaceful protest, can easily escalate into something a lot more sinister.

At issue is whether a North Springs Charter High School teacher was suspended for taking part in a sit-in supporting what many believe is the hate group “Black Lives Matter.”

However aside from whether one believes this is a civil rights group or a violent radical hate group, at issue is nothing more than “RUMOR” or perhaps where most high school kids get their facts, based on second and third hand sources.

And it was those second and third hand sources that kids take for granted as fact when a nameless school administrator told a nameless student that the Black Lives Matter movement was a terrorist group, which sparked the protest by students.

And it’s within this backdrop of rumor, speculation and innuendo that high school teacher Jenkins may have taken part in the protest.

No doubt High School teacher Tamra Jenkins has every right to protest whatever cause she likes, however because of her unique position as an educator she also bares a wider responsibility and accountability for her actions.

One of Jenkins students, 17-year old Rachael Simpson acknowledged that Jenkins was one of a small number of adults along with students participating in the sit-in.

Saying: “Jenkins never misses a day of school without letting her students know what’s going on without leaving a lesson plan,” Rachael said. “We didn’t have a lesson plan.”

However high school officials at Fulton County High haven’t acknowledged whether Jenkins was suspended for taking part in the student demonstration on September 23rd, and perhaps there also lies the issue. In that an educator’s role should always be above reproach and lead by example, rather than becoming a part of the controversy, and taking sides. There’s a good reason why educators sit at the head of a class.

Source: AJC

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