It seems all that’s needed in this social media crazed world is a cell phone with a camera, a social media website, and a few loons pushing a narrative. In this particular instance a bucket of paint a brush and apparently politically correct and historically lazy educators attempting to push or perhaps rewrite history.

As yet another controversy within the bazaar world of public education goes viral, this one involving a “tribute” to the Black Lives Movement” by students with the apparent approval of teachers.

The incident took place in Mountain Home, Idaho, when over 100 students, skipping school and stood in silent protest.

Apparently the school decided to hold a fundraiser and make a few bucks off the students my “allowing them to “buy” (more like rent) parking spots for $45 a pop and paint whatever they wanted within the space, provided of course it was approved by the teaching staff, and that’s where loony progressive educators usually get into trouble.

With one student painting a woman's face with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter underneath, and of course a photo of the parking space painting went viral on the internet, which has grown into a full-fledged student protest of whether to keep the paintings intact or as threatened by the superintendent having all the paintings in the parking lot power washed.

However there’s a much wider issue here than a kid painting a picture, in that it’s up to educators to teach young minds historical facts, not pander to a subculture of misinformation, simply because it’s politically correct.

Source: 12 News

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