President Obama might want to start dealing with Islamic terrorism, or he might be beyond fashionably late to party. The Daily Mail reported Saturday that Prince Charles is taking his own stand. He took a sharp stance against the radicalization and coming sharia law, that a lot of countries outside the U.S. are dealing with in a real way, and suggested Muslims living in his country should follow “British values”.

Prince Charles is on six day tour of the Middle East to deliver his message, about Muslims in the United Kingdom. According to Mad World News, the prince is taking a “Christian standpoint” with him on his journey.

The purpose of his trip is to make the case for how Muslims treat Christians in the Middle East, in what he sees as an effort to stop the slaughter of innocent people through Islamic terror. He demanded that Muslims in Great Britain follow Western values, stop radicalizing young British citizens, and stop “forcing Islam as the “way of life for all”.

In an interview with the BBC, he expressed the views he has discussed of Islamic indoctrination in the U.K. as “alarming”.

“The radicalization of people in Britain is a great worry. The extent to which this is happening is alarming, particularly in a country like our’s where we hold values dear.”

Most American citizens hearing this, are probably saying that Prince Charles is saying the things they would like King Obama to have been saying for the past six years. Of course, this is not the only monarchical leader who has put the American president to shame.

The US Herald has followed the recent exploits of King Abdullah II, and his current “relentless” war against ISIS. His stand against the Islamic terrorist group came after the horrific execution of a Jordanian pilot, whom ISIS had captured some time earlier.

It was after negotiations had failed, that the Jordanian King learned his lesson and has been on a bombing campaign against ISIS targets in Syria, and other regions.

Perhaps, an American president should consider defending American values, against Islamic extremist and Sharia law.

So, what are your thoughts?

Do you find it sad that Americans have to look up to restrictive monarchs, and not the free constitutional republic America was founded upon?

Leave your thoughts and your own observations below.


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