Just weeks after German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party suffered losses at the ballots in a rebuke of her open-doors stand, as support for one of her staunchest opponents surged, polls show reveal that almost two-thirds of Germans are unhappy with her policy that has created a domestic crisis.

The EU has yet to develop a cohesive policy to handle the mass migration of refugees – and Islamic jihadists infiltrating their ranks – but individual countries are beginning to respond to protect their own sovereign borders and citizens.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is taking a stand and calling not only for a halt to further unchecked immigration, but for the deportation of more than a million migrants from the EU – beginning immediately.

Orbán is a rebel among EU heads of state and not afraid of bucking the Merkel-led policies that have to economic, cultural and domestic security issues throughout the continent.

“All who have come illegally should be picked up and taken away,” Mr. Orbán recently told Hungarian media, suggesting that migrant camps be set up off-shore or in Northern Africa at the expense of the EU where refugees can wait while being vetted for possible entry to the European bloc.

The proposed system would be similar to what has worked effectively in Australia.

As with the vetting process in the United States, the lack of a data base for conducting background checks has made authenticating identifies and verifying criminal records or terror-related activities impossible for authorities and the admission of ISIS fighters along with bona fide refugees.

In addition to terror attacks resulting from the clash of cultures as seen in the mass public sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne and Hamburg on New Year’s Eve, jihadists have gained a foothold on the continent to launch attacks in Paris, Brussels and Germany.

Orbán will seek support from the Hungarian people as they go to the polls on October 2 to vote on a referendum on the EU migrant resettlement program.

Political ally, Zoltán Kovacs has stated that if the voters back Orbán, the EU can expect tougher laws from Hungary in the near future.

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