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What happens when you have an intolerant Christian street preacher, walking in the midst of an equally intolerant gay pride event?

Or to frame it a little differently, what would be the obvious reaction to someone holding a “Turn to Jesus” sign at a gay pride event?

The outcome would be almost predictable and perhaps similar to a gay individual holding up a rainbow flag at a predominately Muslim event, which I doubt any sane person would do, and that’s perhaps the back story to this brief three-minute plus video clip.

No doubt the majority of gay activists mistakenly see Christianity as intolerant towards their lifestyle, while in fact most everyday Christians see it as two adults having a right to pick their own life mates, regardless of their gender, which ironically is in stark contrast to the video, displayed by the intolerant group, and in one instance the attempted assault of the young individual holding the sign, which luckily was stopped by someone in the crowd.

However surprisingly the young individual although hassled, surrounded and continually followed by one pesky individual, other than that one violent outburst, the street-feast remained relatively peaceful…and perhaps that’s the difference between Christians and Muslims towards gays, one holds up a sign, while the other beheads you.

The event was dubbed “PrideFest 2016, and held in Seattle, WA…where else?


Do you think these Gay Pride participants are HUGE hypocrites?

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Source: Live Leak

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