Plenty of Americans are aware of the double-standard and double-speak culture we are living in. It is pretty hard not to be able to come to this conclusion given our present Commander-in-Chief.

He is the most racial/religious/gender divisive president we have ever had. Perhaps no further proof needs be presented beyond the blatant racism and overt affirmative action practices taking place in the job-seeker world.

Recently, the University of Louisville posted a position on HigherEdJobs; Assistant Professor Physics. This is a full-time tenure-track teaching position.

There are probably plenty of qualified candidates across the nation with a broad spectrum of knowledge, skills, and abilities that each can bring to the table.

The University of Louisville would be happy to speak with you as long as you fill the bill when it comes to the job description.

Never mind having some experience teaching, say, in the world of physics. What really matters is if you are an “African American, a Hispanic American, or a Native American.” Why? Well, because they do not plan to consider any other qualified person.

This is 100% illegal. It is in violation of labor and civil rights laws that do not allow for discrimination based upon race, gender (to include orientation, identification, and pregnancy), religion, age, or disability.

Where is the outrage? Where is our grandstanding great unifier President Obama? Where is the EEOC? Where are the good reverends of social justice? Where is the mainstream media?

Nowhere to be found. They do not care.  It is okay to discriminate against all white and Asian people. In fact, a few months back the press went ape-y over a nursing job-advertisement that specifically called out that Haitians need not apply.

Yet, University of Louisville appears to skate on by.

Let’s give it up to Barack Hussein Obama who has managed to fundamentally transform America from a land of opportunity for all, to a land of opportunity for some.

Source: News Busters



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