Donald Trump has a beef with Mexico.

Well, perhaps that's putting things in the wrong terms. Donald Trump doesn't appear to have anything against Mexico as a country; however, what he does have a problem with are the illegal immigrants who are pouring across the southern border of the United States bringing drugs, crime, and lawlessness to our country.

Trump has identified illegal immigration as a national problem like no other candidate before him. What many Hispanics who are vociferously against Trump don't realize, though, is that many of Trump's policies would actually be GOOD for Mexico if Trump were elected.

One of the things that Trump has highlighted as a key reason that Mexican illegals have flooded America's border is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Though NAFTA was billed as a solution to disparity between the United States and other countries in North America, all that the policies actually did was to hurt Mexico.

As an example, NAFTA disrupted the corn growing industry at a remarkable rate. 75,000 American farmers were financially stable enough to produce more corn than 3,000,000 Mexican farmers--all because NAFTA's subsidies benefited the United States at an unfair rate.

Trump wants to do away with NAFTA, and while that action is sure to hurt big money crony capitalists, it will also conversely give the Mexican farm industry and a dozen other industries a leg up.

As Trump works to close the border, the increased security to its northern border will also benefit Mexico. If it's harder for drugs to get across the border, less drugs will make it. That means that the drug economy will be hit hard and northern Mexico, a lawless gang-run land, will be better able to be controlled by Mexico.

So to all the people out there who say that Trump hates Mexico, wait just a second. These policies aren't going to hurt your country. They're actually going to help in some huge ways.

h/t: Prison Planet

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