It would seem the U.K. has the same problem as America “incompetent politicians” who willfully waste the earnings of hard-working individuals in support of a welfare state.

While no doubt welfare cheats deserve to be held accountable, it’s the politicians who are destroying the basic premise that hard work usually equals success, and self-reliance.

Here’s simply another example of the welfare state gone amuck.

A U.K. mother of 11, who is pregnant with her 12th child and currently makes nearly $60,000 per year on government benefits, is reportedly asking the British National Health Service (NHS) to pay for a $3,900 Cesarean section because she says she is “too posh to push.”

According to The Mirror, Cheryl Prudham, 32, says she is tired of giving birth naturally. She has done so nine times; her last two children, twins, were delivered via C-section.

Prudham does not care that she is costing the government more money than necessary.

“I know a caesarean costs more, but I don’t care,” Prudham told the Mirror. “It’s what I want, it’s my body. I know more about giving birth than most people and I don’t want to put my body through labor again. I’ve got my pelvic floor back to where it should be and I don’t want to lose it. I did lots of pelvic floor exercises and worked hard.”

A civil society deserves a lot better governance then this!!

Do you think this type of welfare abuse is common in not only the U.K. but also America?

h/t: America News



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