What do a Powerball lottery winner, a convicted felon, marijuana, and a .45 caliber gun all have to do with each other? Well, the answer isn't good and is actually quite disturbing.

When Fontella Marie Holmes won a $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot at the beginning of this year she may not have believed you if you told her that she would use $6 million of her winnings to post bail for a male friend who was violating a pre-trial release.

Holmes's friend, Lamar McDow, was in police custody for not adhering to the rules of a previous release from jail after McDow didn't return to his home by his curfew time. Police had no trouble tracking down McDow, who was wearing a GPS tracking device and has been since earlier this year.

Unfortunately for McDow and his lottery-winning friend, they were found in a home together surrounded by marijuana, "marijuana paraphernalia," and a handgun. That poses a definite problem for Holmes, but an even bigger one for her boyfriend McDow, who is a convicted felon.

McDow was arrested and charged for drug trafficking in 2014, after police found several thousand bags of heroin in his possession. He's also a known member of a local gang and under strict scrutiny by local police.

It's unclear, then, what caused him to violate his release agreements with police and go to his girlfriend's house to smoke pot and have a gun nearby.

What's most disturbing about this situation is the cavalier attitude with which McDow's girlfriend paid his insanely high bail. $6 million to rescue your drug-dealing boyfriend from jail seems like a bad decision no matter how you look at it.

If only lottery winners were required to pass a judgement test before making huge expenditures. Maybe we should make them invest some of their money before they can use it, anything to keep them from making the same terrible decision as this woman.

h/t: Port City Daily

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