The Meatball War. Sounds fun, right? Sounds goofy too. Well, it is anything but and it is battle that has been on-going for about three years.

Over in Denmark, where we know the high and mighty serpent of Islam has been rearing its forked tongue, there has been a move to ban pork from public institutions.

Think schools, day care, whatever you can come up with. The Other White Meat has become a rarity.

The City of Randers says no more. You want pork, you got it. Pork chops, pork eggrolls, baby back ribs, whatever Danes prepare with pork, is back on the menu. The Danish People’s Party, who are anti the Muslim invasion are hopeful this punch-back at Sharia will start a revolution.

“The DPP is working nationally and locally for Danish culture, including Danish food culture, and consequently we also fight against the Islamic rules and misguided considerations dictating what Danish children eat,” said Martin Henriksen, DPP spokesman, via Facebook.

“We just want to ensure pork in our institutions for those who want it,” said DPP Councilman, Frank Norgaard. It’s funny how similar Denmark has been to our nation when it comes to “sneak[ing] through [policies that say] there shouldn’t be pork served in the institutions,” Norgarrd said post the Randers vote.

Think about it. We just had a similar thing happen here when the Islamic pandering Administration tried to ban bacon from prisons. Who knows what is going on with our school lunch program? Maybe we should look into this.

We definitely should be doing what the Danes are doing and telling the anti-pork Muslim crowd to step off.

Source: Daily Caller


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