Jihadists around the world believe that by committing murder in the name of Allah, and then being killed after doing their "holy duty" they are securing eternal blessings for themselves. The most common of these blessings is the promise that a young, male Jihadist will receive 72 virgins who will await him in paradise if he is killed doing the will of Allah.

For an ammunition company based out of Idaho, however, that promise of 72 virgins, however false or true, was a perplexing problem.

How many young, male Jihadists, the founders of Jihawg Ammo wondered, would be willing to lay their lives on the line if they knew that after dying they wouldn't be eligible for the 72 virgins promised by the Quran?

That's silly, you're saying. How can an American company reach out and change the minds of these radical Islamists?

Pork-infused paint.

Yes, you read that right. The company Jihawg Ammo has started selling bullets specifically painted with a ballistic paint that contains pork products as a main ingredient. That might seem ridiculous until you realize that letting any pork products into a Muslim's body is haraam, or forbidden. That means that technically speaking an Islamist who was shot and killed with a pork-infused bullet wouldn't be qualified for his 72 virgins or a spot in paradise--according to Muslim beliefs.

Another reason this isn't as ridiculous as it might sound is the fact that, recently, many Islamist attacks by jihadists have been carried out and then the attackers wait for armed officers to respond to the scene. The jihadists then rush the armed responders, trying to get themselves killed so they can end up in heaven with their virgins.

If these jihadists knew that their bodies would be shot and "desecrated" with pork bullets, would they be as inclined to commit the tragedies in the first place?

The question is certainly intriguing and we have to take our hats off to the guys at Jihawg Ammo for thinking this one up.

h/t: WND

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