Germany has taken in over a million migrants over the past year. In a country of only 81 million residents, that's a huge influx that's having unforeseen consequences in every area of German life.

One of the biggest consequences is, of course, culturally. Middle Easterners aren't used the the freedoms and openness that exist in Germany. Many are also apparently shocked at the fact that pork products are served openly in cafeterias around the country.

Muslim religion forbids the consumption of pork products and many restaurants and cafeterias are beginning to stop selling pork products in an effort to "not offend" migrants and refugees who have come to the country.

That poses a problem for German culture which holdsĀ schnitzel and sausage as key elements of its identity. Sausage is such a part of German culture that, during Oktoberfest, almost everyone has a sausage alongside their beer stein.

A representative of Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party spoke out about the issue and reminded Germans that inclusiveness does not mean that Germans need to forget integral parts of their heritage.

"The protection of minorities - including for religious reasons - must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration," said Daniel Gunther, a CDU party spokesperson.

The ban of pork products has even extended into public schools, with many school cafeterias banning sausage, ham, and other pork products from beings served to students.

At least some people in Germany recognize that banning products because refugees don't eat them is a ridiculous concept. These refugees are benefiting from the goodwill of the German people. If anyone is beholden to anyone else in this situation, it is the refugees to the Germans. The refugees should be changing or adapting their lifestyles, not the German people.

Thankfully people are taking a stance against this ridiculous ban in Germany. You can bet that a pork ban in the United States would fall flat before it even got off the ground!

h/t: Express

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