If you, like a lot of Americans, are worried about the increasing political correctness of America and the media, this story will probably make you mad. If you're not worried about the political correctness that is being shoved down our throats, then you should be.

The most recent version of that political correctness takes place on the popular children's show Sesame Street. The show has been a staple of people's childhoods for decades, but now that liberal media execs have sunk their teeth into the show, who knows what will happen next.

Sesame Street has just revealed that it will feature a hijab-wearing puppet named Zari on its Afghanistan version of the show. The puppet is part of Sesame Street's efforts to politicize the show and use it as a platform to help show Afghans that young girls should go to school.

That all probably sounds fine to you, but the real issue is in the politicization of a children's TV show.

The fact that 83 percent of Afghan women can't read or write is a great reason to teach those women literacy. But using a popular television show to do that is hardly the most effective way.

Not only is it ineffective, but it's only a matter of time until Zari the hijab-wearing girl comes to the United States' version of Sesame Street to promote Islam and try to butter-up a religion that practices child weddings and has a history filled with rape and violence towards women.

"Debuting a confident, inquisitive, and sweet Afghan girl character is a perfect opportunity to engage both boys and girls with lessons supporting girls’ empowerment," said a Sesame Street executive.

Sorry. That's not true.

It's a great opportunity to try and convince our children that covering their faces in public is a great thing to do. Is that really what freedom and America are about?

h/t: Jihad Watch

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