Donald Trump is being repeatedly lambasted by the liberal media about everything from Muslim registration to his insensitivity towards persons with disabilities. But people who get close to Trump say that the presidential candidate is nothing like the media portrayal.

In a meeting with a group of black pastors yesterday, Donald Trump reportedly discussed issues that were of concern to African American pastors and worked to allay those concerns. One of those pastors, Dr. Darrell Scott of the New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, said that he enjoyed the meeting with Trump very much.

"So what we were able to do today was allow to see his heart for themselves and to make up their own minds about him. And they find out that he’s not the person that the media has depicted him to be," Scott told members of the media.

The meeting between the group of black pastors and Trump took place in Trump Tower, a site that has become popular for Trump in hosting discussions between various parties regarding his presidential run.

Scott, it seemed, couldn't have been more pleased with the chance to show his fellow pastors that the candidate he supports fully, Trump, is nothing like the liberal media has worked to portray him.

"We asked questions that were answered and we were satisfied with the answers and we’re a unified front right here. We had a wonderful time, a wonderful dialogue, wonderful fellowship, wonderful interaction."

While many are signaling that Trump's meteoric rise to the top of GOP polls is threatening to fall, others, like the group of black pastors who met with Trump, are continuing to show their support for the businessman and his campaign.

It's a shame that so much of the news media is working so hard to discredit Trump and distance him from voters. It's clear from this instance, Trump is able to work with people from all walks of life; something that is vital in a presidential candidate.

h/t: Daily Caller

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