ISIS is constantly on the lookout for new recruits. Even young people from the United States have been targeted and have been taken in by their marketing campaigns and the insane rhetoric of ISIS.

But in Australia, at least, people who recruit for ISIS and the war in Syria are being caught and imprisoned, which should be a cause of celebration.

One of those recruiters, Hamdi Alqudsi, was recently sentenced to a mandatory six year sentence in prison. Alqudsi was on Australian social security payments but spent his time recruiting young soldiers to be sent over to Syria to fight. He is also a polygamist with two wives, something that is explicitly against the law in Syria.

Alqudsi was tried for arranging travel and accommodations for young menĀ "with the intention of entering Syria to engage in armed hostilities."

Authorities learned that Alqudsi was working on sending fighters overseas when they intercepted his calls and text messages. Many of those messages were phrased as if Alqudsi was putting together a soccer team, using phrases like "A-list players," and Alqudsi calling himself a "coach."

During the trial, Alqudsi broke into tears and expressed his love for Australia and stating "I am not a terrorist man." His legal defense tried to argue that Alqudsi was simply trying to help civilians during the war and that he acted out of charity.

The judge was not convinced and she wasn't "persuaded that the offender is either contrite or remorseful [and didn't] regard his prospects of rehabilitation as good."

This is one of the more sophisticated examples that we've seen of recruiters actively working to send jihadists overseas to fight for terrorism. It's almost impossible for a Western mind to understand the reasoning behind these men and what their motivations could be.

We need the peaceful Muslims of the world to stop this action. It's up to them to stop it peacefully or we'll have to stop it forcefully.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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