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Perhaps the way to put these poll numbers into proper context, is to first gauge the popularity of the current Commander-in-Chief with that of his predecessor, and then match those poll number with that of “The Donald's”

President George Bush enjoyed a good relationship with those men and woman in the armed forces, and as such had a 65% overall approval rating, compared to President Obama’s 54% overall “DISAPPROVEL RATING, as Commander-in-Chief, or to put it more precise a 15% approval rating.

However poll numbers are always in flux depending on a host of variables. A new survey of U.S. military service members reveals the troops favor Donald Trump.

The poll of 931 service members, conducted from March 9-14, spans from active-duty troops to reservists and National Guard members, although the findings are not scientific, Military Times reports.

Of survey respondents, 64% were enlisted and 36% said they were officers.

In total, 27% of troops listed GOP front-runner Donald Trump as their preferred candidate, with Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders following closely behind at 22% GOP Sen. Ted Cruz at 18%.

The numbers change slightly when broken down by service.

The Army and Marine Corps exhibit the highest levels of support for Trump, 30.95%t and 30.70%. In the Navy, however, Sanders takes the lead at 29.25% to Trump’s 23.58%. The same pattern holds true for the Air Force, where Sanders brought in 24.71% and Trump 22.35%.

h/t: Daily Caller


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