It seems every five to ten or so years, the topic of "Defense spending" comes up. Well, polls were done, and results are in. For the first time since 2001, polls suggest that Americans support for MORE defense spending has turned out to be favorable. The Daily Caller reports that a Gallup poll released Friday indicates that public opinion that is favorable to increased defense spending has finally surpassed those who oppose. However, that is not the end of the story.

The spread is 34 - 32 percent favor increased spending. According to the Daily Caller, this has been in the works for four years, as favorable leanings toward more spending has been on the up tick since 2011. The breakdown between political affiliations is as follows: Republicans (56%), Independents (33%) and Democrats (17%). Naturally, "independents", covers a plethora of people.

Gallup poll

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Though the U.S. has historically had a larger defense budget than most of the developed world, Gallup reports, that only two periods of time prior had Americans felt there was too little spending. In 1981, after Ronald Reagan was elected, and in 2000-2002 during the start of the "War On Terror". This is measured over Gallup's 46 years of polling on the subject.

In 2014, the numbers were vastly different, according to the Daily Caller. It was 37 percent for LESS defense spending, the MORE defense spending people were measured at 28 percent of respondents to the Gallup poll.

While not covered in the polls, there are s smaller minority that argue that defense spending is often reckless. This argument explains that with the proper weeding out of "dumb spending", the U.S. could save billions. Colonel Ralph Peters explained on the former Fox Business show The Independents, that there tons of military plans and systems that the U.S. continues to pay for despite never being used or functioning properly.

The New York Times reported in 2011 that a Government Accountability Office study conducted in 2009 of "96 major defense acquisition programs" found nearly "two-thirds" of them suffered major cost overruns. The overruns totaled close to $300 billion.

What are your thoughts?

Does America spend too much, too little, or just the right amount on defense?

Should there be any cuts to defense spending, or should it continue unabated and unquestioned?

Leave your thoughts.


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