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As savvy “common sense” consumers we should always question whatever product and or service we utilize, and that goes for whatever information comes our way, in that we should always apply that same “common sense skepticism and logic” to whatever we see, hear or read, especially if it’s of a political nature.

A prime example are polls conducted by either media organizations or in this case universities, both of whom have a vibrant political agenda, and as such should always be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism, in that their core business is “education” not conducting polls.

Therefore when a university like Suffolk conducts a poll finding that 19% of Republicans say they will support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, those numbers should be viewed within that context.

The poll went on to conclude that 40% of Republicans polled said that they would not support the party’s nominee if Donald Trump wins. 25% of the anti-Trump Republican vote would consider voting for a third-party candidate, 18% would stay home and not vote at all.

By gender, 10% of men, and 9% of Republican women would vote for Clinton over Trump. 18% of very likely Republican general election voters would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Although these numbers sound ominous for both Trump and his supporters, the fact still remains that Trump is actually bringing in more supporters into the Republican Party then any candidate in the history of the party, while shattering all previous numbers of almost all presidential contenders, and actually growing the part by unprecedented numbers, while those on the other side of the political aisle (Democrat’s), have lost almost 30% of their overall support.

Do you think a real Republican would ever cast a vote for Hillary?

Source: Politicus USA

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