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Incredibly the only people who still don’t have a clue, as to how the majority of Americans feel about “illegal immigration”, are the very individuals that either make policy or report on those policies…in short those progressives legislators both on Capital Hill and within the Oval Office, and the mainstream media.

A recent poll conducted by the much respected Rasmussen organization found that among likely voters of “all political affiliations” that 51% favor building a wall, and a staggering 80% favor deportation of all criminal illegal aliens.

So while the mainstream media and the progressive elite along with a few self-proclaimed conservative presidential candidates attempt to marginalize Trump. The Donald continues filling up stadiums around the country most recently in Alabama with an estimated 20,000 people coming out to cheer Trump on.

It would seem that the Rasmussen poll mirrors both  Donald Trump’s views on dealing with illegal immigration and the majority of Americans, all to the dismay of the national media, and of course to the Obama White House.

What is even more troubling to this White House, are Trump’s views on “anchor babies”, and his proposal to finally end the practice, by challenging  the perceived constitutionally of granting automatic citizenship, to those immigrants that use that clause within the constitution to circumvent it’s true intent…and perhaps criminality.

And according to Rasmussen 54% seem to agree with Trump, in that simply because a child in born to an illegal alien in America, shouldn’t automatically make that child a citizen, if there was a preconceived intent to defraud by gaining welfare benefits through citizenship

Obviously Trump has hit an emotional cord with the American people, and he isn’t intimidated by those talking heads within the national media who continue to discredit him. In fact it only seems to embolden him, and like him or not, there’s something  refreshing about a candidate that can’t be bought and is actually putting up his own money that he’s earned within the private sector and not putting his hand out to those special interest groups.

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