Did we actually need a poll to tell us what most Americans already know!

In that the majority of “moderate Muslims” (the ones that are not actually killing us), believe in Shariah Law.

And by that very belief in Shaiah, the term “moderate” then becomes an open subject for debate, in that one cannot be a “moderate Muslim” and practice Shariah Law, it simply cannot be done!

The Center for Security Policy simply reaffirms what was already obvious in that 51% of Muslims living in America believe they should have a choice in being governed according to Sharia Law, in short be able to dominate woman, and honor killings, and of course discriminate against homosexuality which under Sharia is punishable by death.


The poll also found that 25% of American Muslims that were questioned believe that violence against Americans is justified as a part of the Global Jihad.


However here is where American’s “luck out” according to Islamic religious texts, those who are non believers must convert, pay a fine, or die!

Moreover 29% of Muslims interviewed agreed with violence against those who insult the Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, or the Islamic Faith is acceptable.


Sadly America finds itself in a “clash of cultures” thanks in part to this administration which has embraced Islamic teachings, and has used our own American principles against us, and what separates us from the barbarians, that of religious tolerance and inclusiveness within our society and the ability to assimilate, which of course stands in direct opposition to Sharia.

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