In actuality this seems like a relatively conservative number, in that a sizable number of those folks working in government aren't actually needed, in that government as a general rule is willfully inefficient, wasting countless billions of dollars of tax payer money, of which a healthy percentage of government employees fall within that category of waste, and by that 25% number within this poll, those employees are apparently aware of that fact.

Moreover the one in four federal workers who would consider leaving their jobs if Trump were elected president, actually speaks of the mindset of these employees, in that no one would consider leaving their jobs with all of the perks and with an almost lifetime guarantee of employment, unless they felt that indeed their job wasn't needed.

The survey conducted by the Government Business Council, Government Executive Media Group’s research arm found that 14% would definitely consider leaving federal service under President Trump, while an additional 11% said they might.

This would reduce an inefficient federal workforce by 25% and they would leave voluntarily.

Not surprising Democrats by 48% said they would bail out, as compared to just 8% of Republicans.

If elected President Trump would bring his brand of efficiency and his expertise and over 35-years of working within the private sector, in a profit and lose environment, which is a vital part of the Trump success, and which quite frankly is in total contrast to government…thus the exit of 25% of the dead wood, before a President Trump would have an opportunity to say “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Do you think the federal work force is full of inefficient and overpaid workers compared to the private sector?

Should anyone care what these individuals would do if a certain candidate becomes president? This very well all sounds like a bunch of bluffing cry babies.

Source: Gov Exec



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