The results of a shocking new poll are raising concerns that Americans are underestimating the true feelings of Muslims about terrorism.

The poll conducted by Pew Research surveyed American Muslims generally and Muslim women specifically regarding terrorism, the required wearing of the hijab in public, and President Trump.

Americans, who have been reassured by liberal politicians and the mainstream media that Islam is the ‘religion of peace,’ may be stunned out of their complacency when they learn that 20 percent of American Muslims believe terrorism can be justified.

The respondents to the poll were asked to agree or disagree with the statement that, “targeting and killing civilians can never be justified to further a political, social or religious cause.”

A full 20 percent of the believers in the ‘religion of peace,’ disagreed with eight percent saying terrorist killings are “rarely” justified, while 12 percent said that terrorism is “sometimes” or “often” justified.

Pollsters note, but do not figure in, the fact that the percentages may, in fact, be higher as people often hide their true feelings when being polled.

Some American Muslims may fall into that group that does not want to admit to believing that terrorism of any kind is justified.

In a subset of the poll, 38 per cent of Muslim women said they always wear the hijab, but a shocking 76 percent they are worried by President Trump.

That number compares to a 68 percent overall of American Muslims who claim the president “worries” them.

Of even greater concern, however, is that nearly half – 45 percent claimed that President Trump angers them.

A specific reason for their concerns was not part of the polling questionnaire, but the mainstream media’s relentless focus on the president’s moratorium on travel from predominately Muslim countries and the subsequent court battles surrounding it may be contributing to the anti-Trump sentiments in the American Muslim community.

In any event, the numbers should serve as a wake-up call even to the liberals who have failed to see that the U.S. may be headed for the same fate as Europe, as it writhes under the strain of the mass migration of Muslims undercutting the culture and civilization of an entire continent.

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Source: The Rebel

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