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Perhaps the only people to be “shocked” from this CNN poll are the ones actually conducting the poll, and much like the quizzical looks within the mainstream media’s reaction to Donald Trump’s success. In short, the media elite simply don’t get it.

And so when 29% of the public believe “fervently” that Obama is a Muslim, one needs to ask how did that 29% draw that conclusion? And when almost one-third of Americans believe this charlatan has been lying to them about being a Christian, the answer once again is how and why they’ve come to that conclusion?

The poll found 39% of respondents thought Obama Protestant/Christian 39%, 29% thought him a Muslim, 11% believed him to be non-religious, 4% thought him a Catholic, 2% thought him a Mormon, 1% thought him Jewish, 1% believed him something else, and 14% had no opinion.

If there is a surprise within this poll, it’s that ‘only 29% thought that he was a Muslim, when his actual deeds and his apparent outreach to Muslims shows a deep seeded bond and reaffirms his Muslim roots, which has been well documented.

If anything Obama has proven to be a paradox, an inexplicable enigma to many and that’s perhaps the reason for the wide discrepancies about his religion.

However one thing is certain Muslim or not, Obama has purposely transformed America, and has weakened our national security, and has embraced a terrorist Islamic state that chants “DEATH TO AMERICA”, and all one needs to do is examine his policies, regardless of the polls.

Sources: Breitbart


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