Watching this clip one can really see how weak and pathetic the Democratic party and its candidates really are.

The camera was rolling and caught the most rehearsed and insincere display that really shows the true lack of character that is the Democratic Party today.

Do you think Donald Trump has to pander and beg for a positive audience reaction? No, his supporters are real.

From Conservative Tribune:

Last night’s Democrat debate was the perfect thing to watch if you were a) liberal, b) live in one of the first primary states and c) haven’t made up your mind whether you’re going to vote for a congenital liar, an admitted socialist or a virtual unknown.

If you were anybody else (and, let’s face it — given that you’re smart enough to come to this site, you probably are), you were probably better off watching almost any other channel. Well, except MSNBC.

However, if you missed the CNN debate, you needn’t worry. We have the single most Democrat-y moment of the entire evening for you, and it happened before the debate even began: practice clapping.

You read that right. Practice clapping. Apparently, Democrats need to practice how to properly respond to their own candidates. I so wish I were making this up, but here you go:

That’s right, folks. Democrat voters are dumb enough that they don’t know how to clap properly, and Democrat debate organizers are fake enough to teach their sheep how to do it.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz and GOP front-runner Donald Trump draw adoring crowds from sea to shining sea. Says a lot, doesn’t it?

It’s a wonder, after noticing what was going on before the debate, that Anderson Cooper and CNN didn’t sign off and just tell America to make a summary judgment on the collective merits of the Democrat Party.

Do you think the Democratic party is made up of a bunch of complete phonies who will say and do anything to pander to their base. All politicians indulge in this tactic to some degree but this is just too much. This isn't American Idol or some TV show with a live studio audience.

This is a political debate and the fact that they have to manufacture enthusiasm doesn't bode will for their chances in the general election.



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