You know that freedom and security have gone far afield when the government starts monitoring every website you look at and the police can be summoned if you visit the wrong internet page. Such was the case, recently, when police responded to a school's call to investigate one young man's internet browsing.

The good news: this didn't happen in the United States, it happened in Great Britain.

The bad news: school officials called the police after Joe Taylor, a 15-year-old from Hampshire, England, was found browsing a conservative website at his school.

The website is, the home of the United Kingdom Independence Party. UKIP has been in existence for over 20 years, and is one of the largest political parties in Europe. Some of the radical information that Taylor may have looked at on the UKIP website include the names of 4 Parliament members who subscribe to the party, as well as the party's "manifesto."

"If you believe that we are big enough to make our own laws, in our own parliament; if you believe we should have the sovereign right to control our own borders; if you believe that we should be fiscally responsible, and stop adding to our national debts and expecting our children and grandchildren to pay the bill, then we are the party for you."

Clearly this party is deranged and a danger to school children. After all, convincing young people to vote and make informed decisions is a slippery slope.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what police and school officials believed when they reported Taylor's browsing as potentially "extremist" action. Is it now extremism to be disgruntled with the way your country is being run and to seek for new leadership and change?

Thankfully these things occurred in England, but it is still tragic that any free country would oppress free thought and speech in this way.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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