A police officer was out on patrol around a college campus when he noticed something interesting hanging outside of a student's apartment window. The officer pulled over to take a closer look and noticed that it was an American flag flapping outside the window, something about the flag was just a little bit off. Thats when the officer knew he had to take action and snap a picture for everyone to see.

The officer was patrolling on the Ohio State University Wooster Campus when he first noticed that flag. It didn't take him long to realize that this was no ordinary American flag.

As soon as the officer pulled over he identified the very meaningful difference. One of the white lines in the flag was colored blue to show support and honor our nation's police officers.

The officer immediately took a picture of the meaningful gesture. The photo was posted online and many Americans were inspired by the three college boys standing underneath the flag in support of our police force.

The picture was uploaded to the Facebook page Ohio Going Blue and it immediately went viral. Facebook users began raving about the photo and some commenters were even able to identify the proud college students as Noah Adams, Seth Curl, and Massimo F. Asturi.

"I have not personally seen anything like this on a college campus before, so this is too awesome not to share," read the Facebook post. "Loving the thin blue line flag AND the blue porch light!"

It's more than a little refreshing to see such a brave new statement on college campuses when it would seem that with the Black Lives Matter movement and other liberal trends are sweeping college campuses and corrupting young minds. Let's hope we start to see more college students on the right side of the thin blue line.

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