Obviously if you’re a patriot than this video is indeed disturbing and for those that have worn or are still in uniform it’s especially disturbing because those that are willfully desecrating “our flag” don’t belong here!

However the right to protest is as American as “apple pie” and that is indeed the beauty of this magnificent country, in that anyone can stand with a sign or banner and voice their grievances in public and unafraid of any reprisals from the government.

That’s what that symbol of “Old Glory” represents, and that’s what these illegal ignorant fools don’t understand, in that rather than embracing that symbol of freedom they destroy it!

The disturbing video shows a demonstration in the state capital of Arizona. Police officers could only stand and watch as a group of illegal immigrants desecrated an Arizona and an American Flag during a protest over SB1070, a bill that would allow police officers, during any routine stop, the ability to ask a person for proof of citizenship or their legal right to be in the United States if there is the suspicion that said person was in the country illegally.

The bill has been described as racist, by the Left, who maintain that it unfairly targets minority members from Mexico and South American countries.

President Barack Obama even weighed in, and in his typical way of being a leader who inflames emotions on both sides, and refuses to bring calm and order to any situation. He said,

“Now, suddenly, if you don’t have your papers, and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed.”

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