India has a lot of problems, to be sure. How many of you knew that India has a Radical-Muslim problem on their hands? The likes of which sound like they are getting eerily similar to the news coming out of Syria and Iraq with respect to the atrocities being committed against Christians.

Young Christian girls are being brutally raped by deranged Muslim men in India, and getting away with it! Al-Amin brutally raped a little 12 year old girl on her way home, Tuesday. She “was so savagely raped that local had to rush her to the hospital for emergency care.”  She still has not gone home.

The authorities can’t be bothered to arrest him, even though everyone knows he did it. The enraged community protests, and the authorities ignore their cries for justice.

How is this allowed to happen? Well, in Bangladesh, Sharia Law has taken hold. Among the many things that Sharia appears to endorse is the brutalization of non-Muslim Christian children. We all know these freaks are getting away with their demonic behavior on the battle field because those lands are utterly lawless at the moment. While sickening, it is not surprising, and the silence of the world is un-holy.

Unfortunately, it is no surprise that these demonic creatures are getting away with it in cities across the globe. Sharia Law! Coming to a country near you! Even Sweden, of all places can attest to this; “a 1,500 percent increase in rape with legislation that allows Muslim immigrants sanctuary in their cities.” 1500%!!!

Protesters demanded Al-AMIN be held accountable.

“Since we are a minority, we have been abandoned by the government and local authorities. This is why we are often victims of abuse,” said Pappu Piter God, a Christian who heads the association.

“If criminals were prosecuted and punished, the number of attacks on minorities would decrease.”

In Bangladesh, the pleas of Christians are going unheard. Muslims who commit this type of crime, and likely any crime, are walking away with either limited punishment, a slap on the hand, or a nod and wink. If anything, the Christian ends up punished because they did not convert.

When will the world wake up and face the fact that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of subjugation and brutalization. At least until the silent Muslim majority starts speaking out against it and ending the sadistic freak-show, that is what the world is left to believe.

Speak up peaceful Muslims. Fix this evil in your faith.

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