Muslim extremists showed just how inhumane they can be to cary out their goal of world domination and chaos, when a young girl walked into a police station and asked to use the restroom. When the police officers noticed what was in the girl's coat, their expressions quickly changed from worry to full blown horror.

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As the world reels from relentless terrorist attacks in the West, we often forget that this Islamic onslaught is never-ending in Muslim countries. The perpetual savagery carried out in the name of Allah is a daily worry for Muslim and non-Muslim alike, not because it has nothing to do with Islam but because it is a staple of the fundamentally violent ideology.

The Daily Mail reports that a 7-year-old girl asked officers at a police station in Damascus for the bathroom before a bomb strapped to her torso detonated. The devastating explosion killed the child, wounded 3 officers, and destroyed a section of the station.

While the child’s death comes as a shock even to locals who routinely witness this type of barbarity, the details regarding her suicide mission are even more heinous. According to the Metro, Syrian Muslim Um Nimr and her jihadist husband strapped explosives to their daughters Islam, 7, and Fatima, 8, before kissing them goodbye and sending them on separate suicide missions. The cowardly parents brought their daughter Islam to the police station, sent her inside, and remotely detonated her explosive belt.

The parents were filmed joyously telling their girls goodbye while reminding them that they were going to kill the infidels for Allah and receive their reward in the heavens. The children then turn to the camera and repeat “Allahu Akbar” before dressing in their coats and heading out the door.

This is just how dangerous Islam is. Allah’s orders to kill unbelievers and those even Muslims who do not practice Islam as commanded have prompted the devout to carry them out as Muhammad modeled them 1,400 years ago. The rewards Allah promises in the afterlife for this butchery are so great that they’re willing to send their own children to slaughter to receive them.

Quran (4:74) – “Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.”

Although the left would have us believe that these Muslims have misinterpreted Islam, it takes a great deal of ignorance and denial to even suspect that “slay the infidels wherever you find them” and “I have been made victorious through terror” mean anything other than what they say.

Unfortunately, liberals and so-called moderate Muslims have no authority when it comes to interpreting the Quran. In fact, only Muhammad was given divine right to model what Islam means. Of course, he did this by raping, enslaving, and beheading until the day he died, quoting scriptures from the Quran with each thrust of his blade.

To say that this behavior is “un-Islamic” is to say that the prophet himself is un-Islamic. As we know, that would not only be a ridiculous assumption but blasphemy which Muhammad proved is punishable by death.

This is the type of behavior that we have come to be all too familiar with as part of the sick Muslim extremists' arsenal. It's things like this that show just how little regard some of these people have for human life and the precious life of an innocent child, and frankly, there are no words to describe this kind of pure evil.

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Source: Mad World News

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