The shooting incident in Ferguson has inspired outrage, protests, and riots. The media coverage has spawned nationwide debate about how police officers use force and social injustice. Even President Obama weighed in declaring that what happened in Ferguson isn't a "Black problem", it's an "American problem". Clearly, this is a complex case about police brutality in America, right? Not so fast.

Flipping through the newspaper or channel-surfing last week, Americans were bombarded with news from Ferguson. Endless video of protests and riots. Cries of injustice and incompetent police officers. But it’s not the whole truth - despite how liberal news media outlets decided to report police shootings.

With all eyes on Ferguson, including President Obama’s, there was another shooting of an unarmed young man. It happened in Utah and almost no one knows about it. Why? The suspect was white and the police officer was "non-white".

The shooting in Utah was nearly identical to the shooting in Ferguson. Both shooting victims were unarmed young men with questionable criminal histories. Both were shot to death by police officers. The incidents happened within two days of each other.

The shooting death of the young man in Utah, Dillon Taylor, happened when police officers responded to a report of a man waving a gun around. Police confronted Taylor outside a convenience store. The police officer who shot him to death was described as "non-white" by police headquarters.

Of course, this shooting fails to capture the attention of most news organizations, because it doesn’t tell the story we’re used to hearing. It doesn’t tell the story that reinforces black people as victims, as the bullied, as the oppressed. Bleeding-heart liberals don’t want to hear about "non-white" violence against white people, it ruins their do-gooder, black-sympathizer image.

Liberal media say they're covering "police brutality", but their coverage is all about race.

Another similarity between the shooting in Ferguson and the shooting in Utah? There were no criminal charges brought against the police officers in either case. In Utah, the police officer was wearing a body camera that documented the entire confrontation. That video, police officials claim, proves that the shooting was justified and that Taylor was acting in a suspicious manner.

Some conservatives aren’t so sure. Rush Limbaugh talked about the Taylor shooting on his show this week. Limbaugh references the video and notes that Taylor did not resist, did not hit the cop, and did not flee. What was so threatening about Taylor? He didn’t get his hands in the air right away. Why not? Taylor’s brother (who was present at the time of the shooting) said Taylor was trying to pull up his pants.

The Taylor shooting sounds like a recipe for national outrage against police using deadly force; but it barely caused a ripple. There was a small peaceful protest, led by Taylor’s family, but no one blinked an eye. Not the media, not civil rights leaders, not social justice activists, and not even the President.


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