When you hear or read the news, it can be depressing. It seems like it is all bad all the time. Sometimes you come away from digesting it all, and you think what a world, and not in a good way.  Of course, all the rage in the media right now seems to be about white cops and how they are militarizing, or hunting down black people and killing them, how they need re-education and sensitivity training, as if they are all racist brutal thugs.

Well, here is one of those heartwarming stories that lets you know there is still kindness and compassion in the world, no matter what you might read about in the press. It is sure to lift your spirits and help you realize that life in America is not sucky, and that most cops, regardless of color, are not jerks.

So, there was a man out mowing his lawn, and earnestly working at his task from the confines of a wheelchair. That does not sound easy or fun by any stretch of the imagination.  Enter the Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan cops.  Seeming to have been passing by, they noticed this gentleman and took compassion on his situation. These good men, decided to help out. On the spot,they decided to make a difference in this man's life and Officer Joe Hudson steps up to the plate and begins to mow the man's lawn.  Next came Officer John Khillah, toting various lawn tools, and Sgt. Ken Skibbe. Officers Hutson, Killah, and Skibbe got to work and made the gentleman's yard pristine.

How is that for ya'?  If that does not put a smile on your face, what will?

We, and the people of Kalamazoo should be extremely proud and thankful to these three police men, gentlemen all, in the truest sense of the word.

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