In the wake of the Brussels terror attack on the Zaventem airport, rumors began to creep into the news about the local authorities having warned of impending disaster at the hands of radical Islamists. This was poo-pooed and never really gained any traction, until now.

Airport security staff had been complaining for at least 4-months that Muslim employees were acting strange. The Islamists were rallying support for the earlier Paris attacks. Was anything done to address the safety concerns raised by staff?

About as much as would be done in America—nothing.  Less than a week before the attack, law enforcement were alerted again.  This time, a secret Muslim prayer room had been found, a place “where radicalized staff gathered to pray in secret,” according to Flemish news VTM.

The airport took action and ordered the room and activities stopped. Too little, too late. Four days later the terminal check-in area was blown to kingdom come, followed by a train station.  SURPRISE! One of the terrorists had worked at that very airport AND the EU Parliament headquarters.

If you think this type of secret jihadi warfare room is isolated, you are wrong. In fact, in some parts of the world the jihad planning is taking place right out in the open. Say, the United Nations General Assembly Hall, right here on our shores in New York.

Because….diversity, religion of peace, Islamophobia…stupid.  The halls are blocked with rugs and shoes, and the Sharia Law seeking dictatorial regimes in the UN are effectively running the show.

The enemy is not at the gate. It has been welcomed, in by our president, with open arms and allowed to set up camp, blocking the exit.

Source: Mad World News

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