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President Barack Obama set the tone for his administration’s attitude toward law enforcement officers in the early months of his presidency when he chose to react to a minor incident in Cambridge, Massachusetts in July 2009 by saying, “…the police acted stupidly.”

Five years later, after many similar comments expressing his stance against law enforcement officers, the president was on the receiving end of the judgment call of the thin blue line when the New England Police Benevolent Association refused to attend his Labor Day address in Boston.

The Executive Director of the association, Officer Jerry Flynn, released a statement about the boycott that read in part:

“Our members are enraged at his lack of support of law enforcement. It’s clear that he has an agenda, and unfortunately, police are not a part of it. Let’s face it… eight police officers killed in a nine-day period and Obama’s silence has been deafening.”

Law enforcement officers have become targets across the country since a series of incidents became focal points for the Black Lives Matter hate group and Obama’s Department of Justice.

Obama has met with BLM leaders at the White House and made clear his sympathies by sending three administration officials to the funeral Michael Brown, whose death sparked riots in Ferguson, Missouri.


To date, 23 police officers have been murdered in 2015 with more than three months left in the year. In less than a two-week period, officers in Houston and Chicago were victims of execution-style homicides; suspects in the Chicago killing are still at large.

On behalf of the police association, Flynn said, “This is a horror show, this is an epidemic of lawless people trying to kill police officers for no apparent reasons. Case in point is the lieutenant who was pumping gas in Houston. Over 7,000 people were at that church – where was he? Why wasn’t he there?”


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