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Despite the apparent racist bias, incompetence and blind revenge exhibited by Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, justice actually prevailed in this racially dysfunctional city.

Thankfully the presiding judge overseeing the case exonerated all the defendants, stating that the evidence simply did not support Mosby’s decision to prosecute. In fact, few within the legal profession felt Mosby’s actions were driven by justice for Freddie Gray, but rather by a personal racial animus towards law enforcement in general.

Even before the entire facts surrounding the death of Gray were known, Mosby had already tried the case on the nightly news, showing outward contempt for those police officers while portraying Freddie Gray as a hapless victim of police brutality.

Rather than performing her duty as the leading unbiased law enforcement agent within that troubled city, Mosby went on her own personal crusade, announcing:

“The criminal justice system has historically and disproportionately affected so many communities of color, and what we’re seeing right now when we turn on the news and we open up the newspaper is that frustration.”

However now that all six officers have been exonerated, it’s their turn to mete out justice, and to that end officers Garrett Miller, Edward Nero and William Porter, as well as Sgt. Alicia White and Lt. Brian Rice have filed suit against Mosby.

After Cops in Freddie Gray Case Exonerated, They Want to Serve Justice–to the Baltimore Prosecutor

The lawsuit makes many allegations against Mosby, including; false arrest, false imprisonment, defamation or false light, and other assertions.

Lieutenant Brian Rice, the highest ranking officer in the trial has also alleged that he, “Lost his freedom and dignity and suffered physical and psychological harm from being arrested and detained without cause.”

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