Scandinavian countries are becoming more and more uncomfortable with the huge influx of Middle Eastern migrants. Not only do the migrants bring with them economic struggles as European countries have to find shelter and food for the refugees, but these refugees also bring with them the threat of terrorist attacks.

That threat is nowhere more visible than on the phones and electronic devices that the migrants are bringing into their European destinations. Police, after searching many incoming refugees, are discovering that many Middle Easterners' phones are filled with disturbing and gruesome images.

Those images portray beheadings, ritual killings, dead children, severed heads and hands, and other ISIS-related images.

It is unclear, for the most part, why the refugees are carrying so many pictures of such devastating images. Some officials suggest that the images are a way to record evidence of the killings. Others, however, believe that the images might simply be used to show border guards in order to convince countries to let them in as they are fleeing from terrorist actions.

Among the photos of terrorist acts, however, are many ISIS-related images and images of ISIS flags and symbols. Officials imagine that the photos may have been used to help migrants sneak past ISIS controlled areas. However, there is also a likelihood that the photos represent the political sensibilities of the migrants and that many are ISIS supporters.

And it's not like these photos are present on just a few migrants' phones. Officials have told media that they've seen "hundreds" of refugees with brutal photos.

Whatever the reason behind the photos, ISIS has made it abundantly clear that it is seeking to move terrorists through Europe by using the refugee crisis as a convenient front.

We can only hope that our European friends and compatriots in the worldwide fight against terror aren't bringing the wolves into the sheep pens.

h/t: Daily Mail

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