One of the most terrifying hypothetical situations that experts can come up with is that of a dirty bomb being detonated by terrorists. Radioactive material is becoming easier and easier to come by and it appears that terrorists are closer than we thought to building one of these dirty bombs.

Belgian police first discovered evidence that ISIS is actively working to build a radioactive bomb when they were assisting in investigations connected to the Paris bombings. What they found is extremely frightening.

In one suspect's home, police found video footage that had been taken of a senior researcher at a European nuclear facility. The facility where this particular researcher works "produces a significant portion of the world's radioisotopes."

From the footage, Belgian police surmised that the video footage had been compiled to help ISIS terrorists capture the researcher and his family to assist in the creation of a dirty bomb for the caliphate. No, this isn't the plot of some action movie, this is real life.

According to the United States energy department, one knowledgeable person could, hypothetically, create a dirty bomb for terrorists. "We know that it would not require a team of nuclear physicists or even a particularly sophisticated criminal network to turn raw material into a deadly weapon. . . . a determined lone wolf or a disgruntled insider is all it might take."

With the recent success that ISIS-affiliated terrorists have had in perpetrating acts of terrorism across the world, it's impossible to know where they might launch a dirty bomb. Of course the United States is a prime target because of its strong cultural influence and economic power, but the terrorists might strike anywhere.

To those who doubt the necessity of attacking ISIS and dismantling their military capabilities, this should be evidence enough. If they manage to kidnap a nuclear researcher and his family and assemble a dirty bomb, no place on earth will be safe from these terrorists.

h/t: Jihad Watch

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