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Muslims hate dogs. In their culture, canines are the scourge of the earth on par with pigs.

“Allah’s messenger ordered us to kill dogs and we carried out this order so much so that we also killed the dog roaming with a women from the desert.”

That is cited as the Sahih Muslim Book 010, Hadith Number 3813].  Gee….wonder if they could tell us how they really feel about dogs?

Well, one drunk Muslim punk, Osama Ansi, learned just how affectionate man’s best friend can be.  Back in the fall of 2015, and in complete defiance of his Muslim faith, Ansi went on a drinking bender and led Edgbaston police, (Birmingham, UK), on a drunken high-speed chase. He eventually wrecked his little Ford Fiesta, and tried to make a run for it on-foot.

A K-9 unit was part of the pursuit and when turned loose, Officer Dog went after Osama Ansi, and he did so in a big way.

“How can I say it? The defendant and the dog became closely acquainted, somewhat closely attached for some time,” said prosecutor, Mark Phillips.

The dog hating Muslim must have been giving off some kind of canine love pheromone. Once he was taken to the ground by the K9, Ansi was then happily humped. Without a doubt that the officers had some trouble subduing their four-legged cop.

A giant humping K9 cop is probably not going give up his prize easily. It probably took quite a bit of time to get the dog off the perpetrator.  Don’t you wish there was some dash-cam footage of that arrest?

Source: Mad World News


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